• What is a directory?

    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    February 18, 2013
    What is a directory?

    Many of us use catalogs, some through the Internet, some in the library, and others may buy clothes or cosmetics from the catalog. But what is a directory, what is a modern directory? Let's deal with this in more detail.


    A catalog may be something similar to a magazine, but its essence is that it offers us certain goods. Offers in the catalog of goods can be very different. This may be clothing distributed by the network business, it may be the presentation of various goods of a large supermarket chain. If the directory is voluminous, then it always has page numbering. If this is a very large catalog, then in front or behind it you can find a complete and understandable table of contents. If this is a clothing catalog, then it necessarily includes measurements.

    If you go back to the original meaning of the word "directory", then it must be some kind of detailed or uncomplicated list. They are created to allow us, consumers, to reduce the time to search for the right product.Initially, the catalog was created to tell the consumer about a product. This product may be a large number, and all companies and manufacturers save money on the production of leaflets or other disposable promotional materials. Usually the catalog has the format of a standard A4 printed sheet. The number of pages is not limited. Some catalogs have a thousand sheets. Paper in catalogs is usually of high quality, printing is color, images are clear.

    Online Catalogs

    Nowadays, many products are offered via the Internet, so catalogs appeared online. In them you can easily find the necessary information. And it will be much faster than if you were leafing through ordinary sheets in paper catalogs. To search for the right directory, you type in the company name in a search engine, and you will immediately see the directory. Usually it looks like a photo of a paper catalog, but there are also catalogs that are decorated directly on the sites.

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