• What is a flash mob?

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    What is a flash mob?

    The recent direction of the application of young people’s forces began in 2002. In October 2002, Howard Reingold’s book by an American sociologist entitled Smart Crowds: The Next Social Revolution was published. In his work, the author said that for the unification and organization, people will use new communication capabilities, that is, the Internet and cellular communications. The first site that organized flash mobs appeared in the state of California in San Francisco. flocksmart.com (currently the site is down) was created by Rob Zazueta in 2003.

    What is a flash mob?

    A flash mob is a pre-planned and organized action in which a large number of people take part. They suddenly appear in any public place. Their task is to hold a small rally. Their actions are stipulated in advance, that is, there is a certain rally scenario. After all that was planned was done, the mobbers dispersed.

    What is the purpose of flash mobber?

    The important point of the flash mob is that participants do not pay and do not receive money for participating in promotions. Therefore, the purpose of receiving funds is missing.

    Often, participants of the action can pursue different goals.

    • Often, one can observe such goals as entertainment and leisure, the fight against social patterns of behavior, “surprise others”, etc.
    • Basically, mobber's goals are purely his psychological needs. For example, self-affirmation of the type "a little I do it in public," a lack of thrill and adrenaline in the blood, a desire to be involved in a common cause, etc.
    • As well as purely social goals - emotional support from the mobber group and the acquisition of new friends in the camp of the flash mob.

    Here are examples of flash mob shares:

    1. At 12:00 on any day, for example, on June 28, everyone come to the city hall building. People start throwing trifles directly into the building in protest of the increase in payment for urban transport. Thus, people are trying to give money to the authorities, so that they fill their pockets and stop robbing citizens. This scenario can be called the action scenario in the style of political-mob or social-mob. As can be seen from the example, these actions are of a political and social nature. As practice has shown, this type of rallies turn out to be safer and more operational than open rallies and demonstrations.
    2. A fairly well-known flashmob called "Regularly!"This action was spontaneous and took place on the expanses of the native Internet. The Russian branch of the BBC company's news site published data from a study stating that the majority of Russian alcoholics, who were of working age, died from alcohol, which was not intended for ingestion. In connection with the findings, a survey was offered to the users of the site: "Do you drink cologne, antifreeze or detergents?" And the answer options:
      • "Regularly",
      • "Rarely",
      • "Never",
      • "I just do not drink."
      A large number of users of the site were offended. Many laugh this survey. As a result, a huge number of people responded "regularly" in protest against the insult. As a result, even the counter, which was not designed for such a number of “Regular” answers, was constantly reset. It is important to note that this reaction was absolutely spontaneous. This type of flashmob is called i-mob. They occur on the Internet and the number of participants reaches enormous values.
    3. One of the most spectacular to date art-mob actions took place immediately in 10 countries of the world. This action was called "Thrill the world". It consisted in the fact that more than three hundred young people who were made up for the living dead danced Michael Jackson’s world-famous dance "The Thriller".During the month, young people practiced and rehearsed a dance, including using video tutorials on the Internet.

    So, the answer to the question of what a flash mob is in the ideology of these shares. Flashmob is a new type of meeting and expression of public opinion based on the creative potential of its participants.

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