• What is a graph?

    Galina Mirzahmedova
    Galina Mirzahmedova
    January 13, 2015
    What is a graph?

    The word "graph" has at least two meanings. It is used in mathematics (and computer science) and as a word denoting a noble title.

    What is a graph in mathematical theory

    In higher mathematics, a graph is a collection of certain objects that are interconnected by any connections. At the same time, these objects are represented as vertices or nodes, and links as edges (arcs). In various fields of application, graphs can vary in the number of nodes, arcs and additional statements about them. The simplest graph consists of two nodes and one link edge.

    Graphs can be represented as the following models:

    • the electrical system in which the nodes are the electrical circuits, and the arcs are the wires that connect these circuits;
    • many settlements (nodes of the graph) and the roads between them (graph arcs);
    • web pages on the Internet and hyperlinks that connect them (nodes and graph arcs, respectively).

    Another meaning of the word graph

    A count is a noble title or an official with the king.The title arose as early as the beginning of the 4th century and was originally assigned to the court, occupying the highest positions (chief treasurer, etc.). Since the 6th century, a dignitary was considered a count, having at least 100 people in his county and having military, administrative power and the right to administer justice.

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