• What is a hormonal failure?

    Kate flower
    Kate flower
    February 5, 2015
    What is a hormonal failure?

    Hormones are organic substances that have biological activity. They are produced by the endocrine glands and regulate many functions of the body, starting with growth and puberty and ending with metabolism. Today, 70 hormones are known in the human body. The hormonal system, like other human systems, can fail for various reasons. In this article we will look at what hormonal failure is and what are its causes.

    Hormonal failure: causes

    There are several reasons why it occurs:

    • Age (puberty, menopause).
    • Emotional state (which is affected by stress, lack of sleep, satisfaction with living conditions).
    • Climatic conditions (also ecology).
    • Abortions.
    • Various diseases.

    Signs of hormonal failure

    • Increased appetite, which is accompanied by weight loss.
    • Sudden weight gain.
    • The appearance of the initial signs of acromegaly (enlargement of the skull - lower jaw, superciliary arches).
    • Convulsions accompanied by tinnitus and constant headaches.
    • Hypertrichosis - an increase in the amount of hair on the body. Most common in adolescence.

    In order to cure hormonal failure, you must go to the doctor. A gynecologist or endocrinologist will prescribe you tests for hormonal failure, which will help identify the problem in violation of hormonal levels. Most often, treatment is carried out with the help of hormone therapy, changes in nutrition (in some cases, habits, lifestyle) and additional vitamins.

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