• What is a leg?

    Vladimir Doneshko
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    What is a leg?

    The concept of the leg came to us from the ancient Greek language. In translation, a leg means perpendicular, lowered, steep. The definition of what a leg can be found in architecture. In this science, a leg means a plumb that passes through the middle part of the back of an Ionic capitol.

    However, the concept of the leg is most often associated with geometry. And this concept is inseparable from the concepts of a right triangle and hypotenuse. To understand what the leg and the hypotenuse are, you need to recall the definition of a right triangle. Under the triangle in the geometry refers to the part of the plane, which is limited by three points and connecting them in pairs by three segments. If one of the corners of the triangle is a straight line, that is, its angle is 90 �, such a triangle is called right angle. The sides adjacent to the right angle are called the legs, and the opposite side is called the hypotenuse.

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