• What is a mission?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    May 16, 2015
    What is a mission?

    In James Bond movies or computer games, we could often hear the word mission. What is the mission and where else can we meet the use of this word?

    Mission: word meanings

    Mission - a word derived from the Latin "missio" - "departure, parcel." Often used in book style to indicate an important assignment or assignment. Such a definition may be close to the diplomatic, military, and religious sphere. In each case, the mission consists of various goals, objectives and values. And this is most noticeable among commercial organizations. Their fundamental differences are precisely in the missions, that is, what and for whom they realize, and what values ​​stand behind it. The mission for the organization is the main purpose of its existence.

    Taking as a basis the events of reality, the authors of computer games transferred the concept of mission into virtual space. So, a mission in a computer game is like a real mission from military or diplomatic practice and is more like the character of a task that a player must complete in order to proceed to the next stage.And thus, missions at a particular level may be somewhat in order of importance and complexity. The result of the whole game is the fulfillment of the most important and most difficult mission, which marks the end of the game.

    In some games, for example, in the GTA, you can create your own missions yourself.

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