• What is a patent?

    Alexander Yulin
    Alexander Yulin
    August 13, 2012
    What is a patent?

    If earlier the inventor could freely own his invention, and the risk that the fruit of his labor could be stolen and copied was almost zero, now everything has changed. Billions can be made on someone else's idea, therefore the state insured the stars of science. The result of this concern was a patent. What is it and what is it for, we will tell further.

    What is a patent: definition

    A patent is a documentary certificate of authorship of an invention, a scientific discovery and a useful development. A patent protects the right of a scientist to his invention around the globe. Moreover, it concerns both discoveries in the field of rocket production and nuclear physics, as well as software and literary works. For this purpose, a special international agency has been created - the World Intellectual Property Organization. The patent guarantees the priority right of ownership and use up to 25 years, and the name of the scientist or inventor is enshrined for them for centuries.

    In Russia, Rospatent, the largest of its kind department, deals with patents.

    What gives a patent

    With obtaining a patent, you acquire the state protection of your product. In addition, the patent falls into a single register (except for discoveries that are significant for defense), so companies from all over the world may be interested in technology. Most patents are received just to sell a technology solution to manufacturers. Thus, a scientist or an inventor gets the opportunity to commercialize his discovery, which, in addition to credibility, entails financial gain. Thus, a patent is the best way to protect and implement an idea.

    What is a patent for a job

    A patent for a job is in no way connected with intellectual property, but simply entitles an immigrant to legally engage in labor activity in the territory of another state, which guarantees under this patent compliance with local and international laws and rights with respect to the newcomer.

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