• What is a gift?

    May 18, 2015
    What is a gift?

    If you look in the dictionaries, you will notice that the word "gift" refers to the obsolete, but recently it is again gaining its former popularity. Let us consider in more detail what a gift is, in what sense this word is used now.

    The word "gift" comes from the English present and is synonymous with the word "gift." In modern Russian, it is also used in this meaning. Example of use: "I will give you a wonderful gift." A gift is what is presented as a gift, free of charge and free of charge. As synonyms for the word "gift" can also be identified "souvenir", "offering."

    All these words have a similar meaning, but are used in a different context. So, the word "gift" has the most neutral shade and is used more often than others. The word "present" now more often acquires a more pompous shade, they like to use it in order to emphasize the solemnity and uniqueness of the situation in which the present is presented. For example, this word can be used in various shows.The word "souvenir" is often used when they acquire some special gifts, for example, distinctive traditional signs of a particular area, which are then presented to people living elsewhere. Also, such souvenirs can be purchased for themselves. In many cities you can notice souvenir shops where such gifts are sold.

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