• What is a regulator?

    May 20, 2015
    What is a regulator?

    People often use the word regulator in everyday life. Translated from Latin, it means - to put in order, to establish. When understanding what a regulator is, it should be mentioned that there is such a device or a group of devices with the help of which an action is carried out, which involves bringing something in order. If the word regulator is translated from English, it will mean control.

    Examples of the word regulator

    In industry, regulators are used in various control systems. For example, it could be:

    • voltage regulator. It is a device whose main task is to support the output voltage;
    • in the car the regulator serves to switch the speeds;
    • on pipelines apply regulators of direct action;
    • The regulator determines the technical and economic indicators of various control objects such as energy intensity, efficiency, reliability, and other parameters.

    In medicine, you can also hear this word. For example, the regulator of the normalization of pressure.In this case, it can mean the drug.

    In diving, the regulator refers to a special device that regulates the reduction of gas pressure, which enters the cylinder to a certain level, ensuring normal breathing to humans.

    An important role in shaping the growth of cultivated plants is played by growth regulators, which are organic substances. They can slow down or speed up the process of plant growth, with their help a person controls biological processes.

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