• What is a server?

    Probably every person who does not even understand computer technology knows about the existence of a server. And even can say that this device is designed to create a network that would store information, network resources, maintain it in a healthy state.

    In our article you will find out detailed information on such a frequently asked question: what is a server? Immediately give a definition. A server is a special computer that differs in configuration from an ordinary personal one in that it is able to provide some services, namely the ability to connect many computers into one whole, a kind of team.

    In order for you to have a more in-depth understanding of what the server is doing, we will introduce several types of currently existing varieties.

    Main server destinations

    • The first and most probably common type of server is the file - server. The essence of this device is that the server has large hard drives, thanks to which centralized storage of information is performed on the network, to which each connected computer has access.This information is sorted, sometimes there are protected files that need a password. The main advantage of this server is that the information is always securely stored on it (even if the server goes down, these networks will always be available), such is the peculiarity.
    • Also often found this type of server as a mail. The question arises: why do we need a server, also a mail server. The fact is that in large, huge companies with a large number of employees, for whom constant Internet access and work with e-mail are important, and an email server is installed that supplies these services to company personnel. This server has high technical characteristics, such as: a huge amount of RAM, which helps to work faster with files and data, as well as a reliable, high-speed hard drive. Thanks to these indicators, the mail server is quite reliable in its use. This server has such features that makes it beneficial for use in medium and large companies:
      • Acceptable price.
      • Thanks to him, the network and teamwork is organized, as well as always quick access to information, disks, printers and other devices.
      • Power and reliability of work.In the mail server uses a large number of processors, which give us the stability and speed of data processing.
      • As we have already said, this mail server enables us to work with e-mail (thanks to this, employees of the company can send various documents, information, work by fax over the network).
    • One kind of server is the so-called proxy server. What is a proxy server, what functions does it perform? This device is also a special computer that performs the function, first of all, to protect your computer from network attacks (the server blocks malicious sites and resources), and also stores information about the pages you have visited (caches them), thanks to which work on the Internet much faster and better for the user. The server keeps records of your connection sessions, works together with a firewall (protective filter against network attacks);
    • There is also a print server. Using this device, you can always print the documents you need. Because the server is directly connected with shared printers - this makes the work of the staff much easier and there is no need to install a printer at each workplace.The server itself organizes a print session, forms a queue of documents and stores them on its hard disk.
    • Similar to the print server, its purpose is the fax server. Thanks to him, you can always send a fax, any message on the network. As well as the print server itself, this computer organizes and considers all requests and executes them in turn. This type of server does not load the telephone line and always automatically sends messages.
    • The last type of server is the remote access server. Using it, you can always extract any necessary information from it, even if you are far away and have only the Internet.

    These are the types of servers there are, basically the meaning of their work is the same, but how convenient it is to work with them.

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