• What is a volcano?

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    What is a volcano?

    The eruption of the volcano is a spectacle that amazes the imagination. This makes the volcano an interesting object of study. What is a volcano? A volcano is a geological formation on the surface of the earth through which a red-hot magma comes out. Magma, released to the surface, forms lava, stones, volcanic gases. The volcano itself usually looks like a mountain, inside of which there is a rift of the earth's crust. Now volcanoes still continue to form, but much less often than before.

    What does a volcano consist of?

    The volcano consists of two main parts - a vent and a crater. The mouth of the volcano is called the neck on which magma comes to the surface. The hollow on the top of the mountain to which the mouth leads is called a crater.

    What is a volcanic eruption?

    Volcanoes appear in unstable, seismically active areas of the planet, where the movement of underground plates occurs and faults form in the crust. Liquid, red-hot, molten mixture of rocks (magma) from the depths of our planet accumulates inside and is gradually squeezed out.Magma comes under great pressure and sooner or later breaks through the mouth of a volcano. During the eruption of a volcano, a huge amount of ash and smoke is released into the air, lumps of lava and stones fly, often the eruption is accompanied by an earthquake.

    Types of volcanoes

    Not all volcanoes erupt equally intensely. Depending on their activity, they can be active, dormant, and asleep. Active are those volcanoes, the eruption of which is possible in the foreseeable future, extinct - those whose eruption is unlikely, sleeping ones are no longer able to erupt. Also in science there are many types of volcanic eruptions on the basis of the spread of lava, smoke and ash.

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