• What is a water chestnut?

    There are so many amazing plants in the world that some of them may seem strange and unusual. For example, water chestnut is not known to everyone, but it is very useful and can be used for different purposes. Find out where to find it, how to choose it and how to apply it.

    What it is?

    The water nut is the seed of the fruit of an annual plant belonging to the Rogulnikov family. The most common names are the roguel, the fucking nut, the chilim. Where does the plant grow? Exclusively in freshwater bodies, for example, lakes, rivers or ponds. It occurs in Europe and Asia.

    The plant has carved resembling birch leaves and small flowers. Fruits are drupes with a bizarre shape and four horn-shaped processes, for which the rogger has received its name. Inside they are bright sunflower seeds about two centimeters in size. Chilim clings to the ground with its roots or last year's nuts, and when the water level rises it floats to the surface, but then it can root again.

    Interesting fact: water chestnut has been known and widely used since ancient times.It was sold and consumed in Russia, and the shells of the fruits were found in the soil that has been preserved since the interglacial period.


    The walnut has a rich composition, which includes fats, ash, carbohydrates, proteins, tannins, fatty oils, flavonoids, mineral salts, triterpenoids, nitrogenous and phenolic compounds, vitamins E, A and B, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron , chlorine, phosphorus. The calorie content of one hundred grams of water nuts is about 200 kcal.


    Useful properties of such an amazing plant as a water chestnut:

    • Chilim has a diuretic effect, eliminates edema and helps normalize the functioning of the kidneys.
    • The fruits of the roguel improves digestion: they normalize the peristalsis of the stomach and intestinal walls, exert a fixing effect and relieve diarrhea, and also eliminate diarrheal disorders and stimulate the production of bile, providing a complete processing of food.
    • The walnut is an excellent restorative means that allows you to accelerate the process of rehabilitation after suffering serious illnesses or heavy loads, and to restore strength and improve your health.
    • A small portion of nuts will give a boost of energy and vitality, quickly quench hunger and allow you to forget about it for several hours, as well as increase the overall tone of the body.
    • Chilim fruit seeds help clean the vascular walls from cholesterol plaques and reduce their fragility. Thus, water chestnut can be used for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis.
    • The sweating and antiviral properties of the rodent can be used to treat ARVI and flu: this product normalizes body temperature and helps the body recognize and destroy viruses.
    • There is an antibacterial effect, due to which the water nut is actively used for the treatment of various infections of the oral cavity, urinary system, genital organs, and so on.
    • Chilim will help preserve visual acuity and protect against ophthalmologic diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts.
    • The rosher is useful for the nervous system: it improves mood, relieves depression, eliminates the effects of stress and increases stress resistance.
    • The walnut has analgesic and spasmolytic effects, stopping the pain syndrome under various conditions and eliminating spasms of any nature.
    • Chilim has wound healing and astringent properties, so it can be used for burns, wounds and other injuries of the skin.
    • The composition has antioxidant substances that suppress the activity of free radicals that is detrimental to the human body, stops the processes of oxidation and aging of tissues and prevents the degeneration and mutation of cells.

    Contraindications to the use of water nut are few, these include only individual hypersensitivity and a tendency to allergies.

    Selection features

    How to choose a water chestnut? It is worth noting that such a product is considered quite rare and is not sold in regular stores. It can be purchased at an Asian or Chinese shop. When choosing, you should carefully consider the shell: it should have a uniform dark shade, which indicates the ripeness of the fruit. Cracks, chips and damage are not allowed, since pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate to the fetus through them. The smell is quite pleasant, not rotten or lethal.

    Collection and storage

    Water nuts are harvested in the fall, when the fruits are fully ripe, and the leaves began to change shade and gradually die off.It is better to choose a reservoir that is clean and not polluted by people, in which there is animal life and dense fertile soil. When you see a chilim, immerse your hand in water and pull the plant by the stalks to extract it with the fruits. You can also collect fallen "nuts" at the bottom: in the water, they retain their properties for a long time.

    Rogue seeds can be stored either in a jar of cool water or in a fridge. Before storing in an anhydrous environment, they can be dried a little under room conditions so that they do not become covered with mold. Protect the fruit from high temperatures and direct sunlight. They should be cleaned immediately before use, because without a shell, they very quickly lose useful properties.


    Previously, the walnut was very widely used in various areas, but then it was undeservedly forgotten. And yet you can use it for almost any purpose, and the main methods are discussed below.


    Water chestnut can and should be used in cooking. Puree is prepared from it, it is added to stews and pastries, stewed with vegetables and fruits, used in desserts, cocktails and salads. Rogul seeds are tasty in any form: fresh, boiled, baked and stewed. They are well suited for conservation.And from them it is possible to make flour, which nutritionally is not inferior to wheat.

    Treatment and Prevention

    Methods of use of rodent in traditional medicine:

    • Fresh juice of nuts can be applied as applications, compresses or lotions for purulent wounds, burns and dermatological diseases, including viral, fungal and bacterial.
    • To improve your health, just eat 20-30 grams of seeds a day.
    • To cleanse the vessels, tincture will do: pour a glass of peeled nuts with two glasses of vodka and leave for two weeks in the dark, then strain and take a tablespoon three times a day.
    • With diarrhea, water a few beats with boiling water and eat.


    The useful water nut can be used even in cosmetology. Grind it, grinding in a coffee grinder or blender and add to homemade masks. Such a product will help moisturize the skin and saturate it with nutrients, eliminate inflammation and accelerate the healing of minor wounds, help to cope with acne and pustules.

    If you have not tried water chestnut yet, be sure to do it. And better start using such an amazing product regularly!

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