• What is child support?

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    What is child support?

    The topic of alimony certainly emerges in conversations about divorce, if there are children in the family. About what this term means, read our article.

    What is alimony: the definition

    The word "alimony" came to us from Latin, where "alimentum" means "food, food, dependency." What is alimony in Russian? In a general sense, these are cash payments that one family member is obligated to make in favor of the other - the disabled person.

    Most often, child support refers to money that one spouse must pay for the maintenance of minor children after a divorce. As a rule, the obligation to pay alimony falls on the father, since children in most cases remain with the mother. However, there are cases when the mother leaves the family, leaving the child to the father, and pays alimony.

    Not everyone probably knows that not only children have the right to alimony. In certain situations stipulated by law, alimony is paid in favor of an adult who has lost his ability to work. For example, if one spouse is disabled, then the other spouse is required to support him even after the divorce.In addition, elderly parents who are unable to work can receive alimony from their adult children.

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