• What is an anagram?

    Mark Mikhalev
    Mark Mikhalev
    March 18, 2013
    What is an anagram?

    If you are interested in literary lyrics and puzzles, you just need to know what anagrams are.

    What is an anagram

    Anagram is a literary device, which consists in rearranging places of syllables, letters or sounds of a word or phrase to get another word or phrase that is consonant with the original one. To make it clearer how anagram words are formed, let us give an example: an orange is a spaniel; rearranging the letters from the word "orange" we got the word "Spaniel" in tune with it - this is an anagram.

    Anagram Origin

    Although anagrams in literature become popular only in the second half of the last century, as an anagram literary device is one of the oldest in our culture. The Swiss linguist Ferdinand De Saussure in his lectures said that anagrams were widely used in the most ancient cultural heritage of humankind - the epos "Illade", "Odyssey", "Ramayana", "Mahabharate", "Bible", ancient texts of the Vedas and other half-forgotten tenements where anagrams were considered endowed with magical, mystical properties.However, it is formally considered to be the creator and father of the anagram in the literature of the ancient Greek poet Lycophron, who lived in the 3rd century BC in Alexandria. The first anagram now known - Apo Melitos (from honey) - was composed by him from the name of King Ptolemy (Ptolemaios). The magical properties of anagrams were attributed in the Middle Ages. Many lost their heads and almost went mad, devoting their lives to the search for "magical" anagrams in ancient writings and texts.

    Anagram encryption

    In addition to the stylistic and "mystical" function, the anagram was used as ciphers when encoding some information or name, in the second case the anagram served as a pseudonym. So in the XIIX-XIX centuries, scientists ciphered their discoveries with anagrams in order to anchor the copyright on the discovery without revealing a hypothesis. Thus, they received additional time to test their hypotheses for strength. Galileo Galilei, having opened the satellites at Saturn, encrypted the phrase "Altissimum planetam tergeminum observavi" (the highest planet was observed by a threefold lat.) With the anagram "Smaismrmielmepoetaleumibuvnenugttaviras", which, however, had no meaning.

    To know how to solve anagrams, you need to train.Try to create an anagram with an alias from your name, select absolutely any simple word or phrase and try to give examples of anagram in the comments and compete in the skill of encrypting and solving anagrams.

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