• What is an experiment?

    Olga Kandayeva
    Olga Kandayeva
    January 11, 2013
    What is an experiment?

    If you are interested in what an experiment is, then you can find out that this is a study of a phenomenon in those conditions that can be controlled. This is not a simple observation of the phenomenon, but a direct influence on it. Most often, the experiment is scientific and is aimed at the study of a theory or the study of the relationship between certain factors. Many scientists assume that a scientific theory differs from a pseudoscientific theory by the fact that it has been tested with the help of a specific experiment.

    In the scientific world there are several models of the experiment. For example, impeccable experiment - it can be found in psychology. This method involves the search for errors in certain psychological methods in order to bring them to the ideal. A random experiment is often compared with a mathematical one, because its result is initially unknown. Those who wonder what a scientific experiment is can also find out that it can be physical, which is a certain way of knowing nature.There is also a computer experiment, when all the work is done by a computer and for this purpose they use only a mathematical model. In such a science as philosophy one can come across a thought experiment, which consists in conducting an experiment within the framework of imagination; it often serves to check the consistency of a theory. A mental experiment is considered to be the most controversial, since in this case there may be some inconsistencies of certain factors or their susceptibility to external principles that are precisely verified and proven. Such a model as a critical experiment is the most principled and accurately proves the theory is correct.

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