• What is animation?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    February 10, 2015
    What is animation?

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    What is animation?

    Movement is life, and perhaps also art. And it's all about animation. Let's talk more about what animation is and where you can meet it.

    It is no coincidence that we are talking about animation as a combination of movement and life. After all, this word of Latin origin, literally meaning “revitalization, inspiration,” came to us from the medical field in relation to the moment of animatization of the fetus.

    What is animation: word meanings

    Gradually, the word migrated to other areas in which it was already used more in figurative meanings. By endowing non-living objects (eg, pictures) with signs of the living (most often this movement), a person could expand the possibilities of using animation. And now we have the following meanings of the given word:

    • A way to create a series of shots, drawings, color spots, dolls or silhouettes in separate phases of movement, with which during the display of them on the screen you get the impression of movement of a creature or object.
      gifIt is worth saying that the movement here is more illusory than real, since it all depends on the frequency of changing the pictures and their maximum detail and drawing;
    • The process of giving the ability to move and / or the appearance of life to objects and dead bodies in works of art, games, etc .;
    • Western animation name; type of cinema and his work; appropriate technology;
    • The event in mass crowded places, providing for the personal participation of holidaymakers in it;
    • Sequential display of pre-prepared graphic materials, as well as computer simulation of movement by changing the shape of objects or displaying successive images with phases of movement. Most often, this value is applicable to the field of computer technology.

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