• What is asthma?

    Patients with asthma do not differ at all from ordinary people until the onset of the disease. The asthmatic begins to gasp, breathe heavily and whistle. A cough may also appear and excessive sputum may begin to separate. To learn how to control asthma and its attacks, it is important to understand what is asthma, why it appears.

    Physiology of the disease

    Asthma is also called asthma, because the main thing that affects it is the bronchi. Imagine a system of tubes that are interconnected, like a maze. This is how our airways look like. Inside the lining of the mucous membrane. In asthma, it becomes inflamed and swollen. That is why the airways react to allergens, to various stimuli that are not noticed by healthy bronchi. When mucous allergens enter, the body rejects these substances, and strives to reduce the surface of contact with the allergen. And the muscles begin to narrow the airways, the air gets harder, the person chokes, coughs, wheezes. Another protective reaction of the body to the allergen is expressed in that it seeks to remove the harmful substance with the help of mucus.So much begins to form in her airway that the patient coughs up her in excess. If you do not, you can suffocate. Studying what is bronchial asthma, we must understand that asthma is not treated. But you can pick up drugs and calmly control the course of the disease.

    Asthma attack

    The most dangerous thing in asthma is her seizures. As soon as the allergen gets on the bronchial mucosa, what we have described above begins to occur. Inflamed airways actively respond to stimuli. Over time, the patient understands what exactly this reaction he has and consciously avoids allergens. And always keeps medication with him.

    The cause of asthma

    A person is not born with asthma, it appears over time. Explain what asthma, and can be like this. With prolonged exposure to adverse factors that cause inflammation, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove it by medicinal methods. And if time does not eliminate the influence of these factors from life in general, the mucous membrane goes into a stage of chronic inflammation and asthma occurs. The reasons for the appearance of such a mucosal reaction to allergens are not yet thoroughly studied.In general, allergies are increasingly beginning to torment modern people, and more and more factors cause it. Therefore, asthma appears more and more.

    Allergens that can cause asthma

    The first thing that can be called when determining the factors for the occurrence of asthma is frequent tolerated acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, colds. If they occur more than 3 times a year, then there is a real risk of the disease going into asthma. Asthma can also be caused by heavy physical exertion; carpet home micro-mites, pollen from flowers, mold, animal fur can contribute to it. Asthmatics should also take care of tobacco smoke, industrial emissions (which is the most unreal), very cold air, smells of varnishes and paints, sharp food odors, air fragrances, cologne odors, eau de toilette and other asthma attacks may even happen because of strong emotions, during crying or strong laughter, at the time of stress.

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