• What is the best friend?

    Elena Krylova
    Elena Krylova
    March 28, 2013
    What is the best friend?

    Friendship is a broad concept. In childhood we consider as friends of everyone with whom we communicate. When we get older, then friends become less and less, only the most proven, real ones remain. Best friend, what is he? This problem worries those who so want to have real friends, but does not know whether he has any.

    Who can be considered a friend

    • True friendship is tested over the years, you can hardly understand whether a friend is right next to you or just a friend, until life presents you with a couple of valuable lessons. Only difficulties, troubles, illnesses and even misfortunes show how people really treat you. If your friend is with you only in moments of joy, on holidays and feasts, and if something happens, he is always up to you, then this relationship can hardly be called friendly.
    • Friendship usually begins at school or at the institute, when we are still open, we thirst for communication, and later it is much more difficult to find a real understanding person. We do not choose parents and relatives, so the relationship between them is not always perfect.But we are free to choose friends, people close to us in spirit, with whom it is easy and pleasant for us, whom we love and appreciate.
    • Usually, friends have common interests and hobbies, they always have something to talk about, and even if you don’t want to talk, there’s no pause in communication.
    • What is the best friend? This is a person with whom you always have fun, he can cheer up, support when you are sad, entertain when you are bored. But if suddenly trouble hits your door, then a friend will certainly help you. He will give you money in debt, take care of your child, shelter you if you suddenly have nowhere to live.
    • But friendship is not only - to take, it is important and able to give. Only if you yourself are unselfish and honest, you will not demand anything in return, your friendship will be intact and unshakable. Take care of your friend's feelings, help him, and he will reciprocate.

    That's what a close friend is. Always remember this, and be grateful if you have at least one such person.

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