• What is bursitis?

    Victoria Dmitrieva
    Victoria Dmitrieva
    March 29, 2013
    What is bursitis?

    Learning Latin is better at will, and not according to the diagnoses and prescriptions of medical professionals. Beautiful names can sometimes conceal a malicious ailment, and sometimes vice versa. If you want to know what bursitis is, and this is a medical term, then read our article.

    Of course, the roots of the word are from Latin. Translated mean "bag". Bursitis is an inflammatory process in the mucous "bags", mainly of the joints. The main places are considered - elbow, knee, hip and foot joints.

    Types and types of bursitis

    The inflammatory process occurs with the accumulation in the cavity of the "bag" of a liquid of a different nature. It can be purulent, hemorrhagic, serous. To clarify the nature of the liquid spend puncture.

    Acute and subacute, chronic and recurrent, this is exactly what bursitis can be. The causes for this disease can be completely different. Chronic injuries, professional activities, sports. Frequent and repeated irritations of a mechanical nature, infections, intoxication and allergic reactions.And sometimes, bursitis can occur for no apparent reason or reason.

    Diagnosis of bursitis

    To identify this disease is simple. It is often easy to detect painful and mobile tumor-like formations of a rounded shape, hot to the touch.

    Very good help in the diagnosis and primary signs that reveal bursitis. Symptoms are due to the structure and function of the joint. The main symptoms are external changes in the geography of the joint and pain. Pain manifested in the localization and movement of the joint. For the elbow bursitis, this is laying hands behind the head. Inflammation in the heel area leads to the formation of a “spur” of the calcaneus. In case of inflammation of the hip joint, the pain will manifest when the hip is flexed.

    Treatment of this disease, as a rule, takes place on an outpatient basis. It consists in alcohol compresses and the introduction of anti-inflammatory drugs into the articular bag. In the case of purulent bursitis, surgical intervention is indicated.

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