• What is compression?

    March 25, 2015
    What is compression?

    Surely, many have heard such a word as compression. What can it mean? On the one hand, this concept refers to physics, and on the other, to cybernetics. Compression is found even in acoustics.

    Let's see what is compression.

    Compression in Cybernetics

    Note that the word compression primarily implies compression. In cybernetics, this term means data archiving - this is the so-called compression encoding. Including source coding. There are lossless compression, when the data is not damaged during compression and this allows you to recover them without loss of information, and lossy compression. The latter means that when unpacking data, some of the information will be damaged.

    Compression in physics

    Compression in physics implies the longitudinal deformation of a rod, bar or any other similar object. Deformation occurs when a load is applied along the axis, in the longitudinal plane.

    It is customary to distinguish between the compression of gases, that is, the decrease in their volume during cooling.
    Compression can also be artificial, which implies an impact on the gas, and this ultimately leads to a decrease in occupied volume.

    Compression in acoustics and engine

    Finally, the term "compression" is found in acoustics. It implies the compression of the cylinder dynamics, which affects the sound - it becomes quieter. In other words - a change in the dynamics of sound.

    In an engine, compression means the ratio of the volume of a cylinder to the volume of a combustion chamber.

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