• What is cooking?

    December 19, 2014
    What is cooking?

    The word "cooking" has several meanings. Consider what is cooking in each of them, and see how to pronounce this word.

    Three Cooking Values

    1. Cooking is the art of cooking. There are a million recipes, because cooking is such a creative and diverse occupation. Today, the Internet has a huge number of sites, groups in social networks with recipes, cooking training, secrets of cooks, etc., so that everyone can learn how to cook and become a cook. Cooking is really art and even science, there are so many subtleties in it! No wonder there is a competition among culinary specialists, cooking shows. Once infected with this art, you will not be able to leave it.
      • Example of use: I enjoy cooking and dream of becoming a famous chef.
    2. Cookery - the collective name of dishes, dishes.
      • Example use: Glancing around the festive table, he could not help but be surprised at the diversity of cooking.
    3. The word has one more meaning: cooking is also a specialized shop or department at a restaurant / cafe / dining room, which sells cooked food and ready-to-cook foods, pies, etc. Today, there is little where you can find a sign with the word "cooking", but in Soviet times it was used everywhere.
      • Example of use: From the next cooking came the fragrant smells of freshly baked buns.

    Proper stress

    As for stress, orthoepic dictionaries of the Russian language (for example, under the editorship of RI Avanesov) offer a variable stress on the third or fourth syllable: cookery and cookery. However, it is recommended to say exactly KulinAria, since this word comes from the Italian culinaria [KulinArya.]

    So you met a new word and now you know what cooking is.

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