• What is dangerous lack of sleep?

    In a dream, a person spends almost a third of his life. And it is not surprising, because our body is a powerful and active “machine”, also needs rest, receiving new strength and energy, and recovery. All this he gets in the process of sleep. But the modern rhythm of life is such that many of us have to sacrifice these valuable watches. And this is very dangerous. Want to know why? Read on.

    Sleepy kingdom

    Statistics, alas, are disappointing: over the past 100 years, the duration of sleep has decreased by as much as 20%. American scientists have found that on average a modern person loses about 1.5 hours of rest every day.

    Surely you are familiar with the situation when you, not having time to finish work, household chores, or even just burning with the desire to watch another episode of your favorite series, stay up late. But one thing is when these are isolated cases, and quite another when this happens all the time.

    The body, sooner or later, will make it pay for such negligence. And here's how:

    • A sharp desire to eat. It is not strange, because the energy that he did not receive during sleep must be taken from somewhere. And the best option - from food.A person who sleeps less eats at least 300 kcal more than is necessary.

    Full rest is a "controller" of the production of many hormones, including those responsible for appetite, and when this process is disrupted, then the problems will not keep you waiting.

    • High probability to catch ARI. And this is not an assumption, but a fact confirmed by research. People who sleep less than 7 hours at least two days in a row are at risk of catching a viral infection 3 times more often. Especially "love" the viruses of those who constantly yawn.
    • Hypertension. It would seem, well, that decides one hour, for which you constantly linger at work. And it turns out a lot. First of all, the question with your health. After all, in this case, the risk of problems with pressure is almost doubled. Those who do not sleep enough with the level of cortisol - a stress hormone, is always elevated. And he, in turn, can cause damage to the walls of blood vessels, the appearance of atherosclerosis and hypertension.
    • Impairment of memory and concentration. You are surprised why you couldn’t make the right decision on time at the morning meeting, don’t understand why you can’t put the right plan of action in your head, and for what reasons did you miss important details and events? Because they did not get enough sleep.

    Lack of sleep gradually causes damage to some parts of the nervous system, which leads to problems with memory and concentration.

    • Diabetes. Sounds scary. And even more frightening is that the probability of its occurrence is very high. Why? Lack of sleep directly affects the condition of the blood cells. And they, in turn, cease to properly process glucose.
    • Cancer. Yes, he also threatens all lovers to sit until late at night. The fact is that it is at night that мел of melatonin, which the body needs, accumulates in the body. And he is just one of those who do not allow malignant tumors to develop.

    Well, and whether it is necessary to remind that the lack of sleep threatens women with a loss of beauty. At least, dark circles and bags under the eyes, swelling, as well as the appearance of premature and deep wrinkles.

    A short night rest in men, among other things, can lead to sexonia - a decrease in libido and impaired erectile function.

    By the way, the fair sex needs 20 minutes more sleep than a strong half of humanity. This is explained by the fact that women, unlike men, often switch between different tasks during the day, and therefore the brain needs more time to recover.

    As you can see, there is no sleep - no health.And its deterioration has a negative impact on life in general. Now let's think about whether you need it? Be healthy and sleep tight.

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