• What is diarrhea?

    Natalya Galushko
    Natalya Galushko
    11 April 2013
    What is diarrhea?

    Far more than once or twice in our life, we have to treat diarrhea, or, in national terms, to stop diarrhea. So, probably, everyone is familiar with the symptoms of this disease firsthand. When we often start to run to the toilet, we usually decide that we ate something wrong. But is it really? What is diarrhea and what does it do? That is what we now have to find out.

    What is diarrhea (diarrhea)

    Diarrhea is, first of all, a reaction (inflammation) of our intestines due to a specific stimulus in it. Both stale food and bacterial and viral infections can act as irritants. Exacerbation of diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, hepatitis, gastritis, etc., can also lead to inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. Diarrhea, as a pathological condition of our body, is characterized by rapid defecation, in which the stool becomes watery, sometimes even with an admixture of mucus and blood streaks. Diarrhea has its side effects.Besides the fact that the disease itself, to put it mildly, is not very pleasant in sensations and can be accompanied by cutting pains or spasms of the intestines, it also threatens us with dehydration and demineralization of the whole organism.

    Of course, a lot of jokes and jokes on this topic can be remembered. But when it comes to preserving our health, jokes need to be put aside. After all, diarrhea in some countries is considered the first cause of high mortality among the population. As you probably guessed, residents of southern latitudes are more susceptible to this disease. And the matter is that the heat, which contributes to the active development of pathogenic bacteria.

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