• What is directx?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    August 17, 2011
    What is directx?

    Today, no computer is complete without a DirectX driver. But is it necessary? Let's deal with this. So:

    What is DirectX?

    DirectX is a technology that allows applications to work on a computer as well and efficiently. This is a kind of platform that is a link between a computer with its characteristics and an application. Speaking of DirectX, we mean multimedia files and games. No modern game or multimedia player can do without the DirectX platform.

    Basically, DirectX technology is designed to speed up graphical tasks in the Windows environment. The principles of DirectX were created to facilitate the tasks of programmers and developers who were engaged in various kinds of video applications. The Windows team created the DirectX platform, which allowed game developers to make them better and faster. Now I did not have to think about what hardware components the personal computer user has.

    The idea of ​​DirectX is simple - there must be a driver for each individual computer device, that is, a programwhich tells the computer how to interact with this or that tool. But it is not possible to connect different drivers - this is inconvenient. That's why you need DirectX. We decided to make all the drivers in one software environment. Now that the game is installed on the computer, DirectX shows the computer what to use to implement the operation of this application.

    DirectX is the glue that translates application commands into clear commands for devices. Now, game manufacturers do not need to create various applications, focusing on an infinite number of settings and modifications of computers. They create general principles and commands that work on any personal computer, regardless of its components. DirectX converts these common commands into commands that your computer understands.

    Thanks to DirectX technology, the development of computer technology has begun to grow exponentially. New technologies open up opportunities for creating more and more new applications and specific programs. For this, you can thank Microsoft.

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