• What is fat?

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    What is fat?

    Everyone knows that fat is an organic compound. In addition, it is not soluble in water at normal temperatures, has an oily texture. These compounds are an important component of the functioning and vital activity of tissues and cells in living organisms of the planet.

    Below we talk about the types of fats, and fats as a component of nutrition.

    Types of fat

    There are both animal and vegetable. For example, fish oil derived from fish liver is liquid. Fat - pork fat, raw, boiled, smoked, eaten. Butter - fat dairy, cream (from cow, basically milk), received by means of beating. Vegetable fats include vegetable oil, liquid, obtained from any plant species: corn, olive, sunflower, sea buckthorn and many others.

    Power component

    Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are components of the nutrition of the human body. They play the role of energy sources. Chemically, these are lipids. Fatty acids in food are saturated and unsaturated. Sources of fatty acids are animal protein foods: meat, lard, fish products.


    The word "fat" is used in figurative senses. For example, �to go berserk with fat� - to sort out, pick and choose in anger. "Fat overgrown" - lazy. "To burst with fat" - to live in prosperity, inaccessible to most people. "Fat swollen" - plumped, fat. "Fish eats" - feeds. "Fat" place - it is profitable, money-bringing position.

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