• What is good winter?

    Winter is one of the traditional Russian months. Due to its bitter cold, it is the most popular symbol of Russia. About her Slavs composed many sayings and proverbs. But let's try to figure out how good winter really is? Why is she so praised?

    Representation of the Slavs about winter

    Winter in the folklore of the ancient Slavs was a big fat woman who was a good hostess. She was dressed in a warm wolf's sheepskin coat, and on her head was a warm hat. She was the mistress of blizzards and blizzards, managed the most severe frosts, could both warm and freeze. That is why she was worshiped more often than some other deities.

    Only in winter did a man begin to reap the fruits of what he had earned in summer. If stocks were not made on time, then winter could turn into a real hunger strike.

    The second famous winter hero of Slavic folklore is Frost. He is better known to us as Santa Claus, who comes to us on the eve of the New Year and gives presents to good children and punishes bad ones.

    Nature in winter

    For most Russians, winter is associated with cold, which begins in December and ends in early March. In such cold weather it is common to ride a sleigh, sculpt snowmen and do other moving things. The most severe frosts begin around mid-January and last at least a month. How nice to spend the day in nature in winter! And already if the day was sunny, then all the grace!

    Russian people at all times treated snow with honors. It was believed that the more snow fell in the winter, the more fertile the year would be. That is why many ritual songs are associated with the theme of snow.

    The winter of our ancestors symbolized traditional gatherings in the hut for a cup of fragrant tea from a samovar. During winter long evenings, people of different ages gathered and told each other various life stories, the old ones taught the young, and the young gathered life experience.

    Winter outside the city

    Good Russian winter in the village! Where civilization has not touched nature with its destructive hand, it is pleasant to wander through the forest and enjoy the clean air, which you simply cannot find in the city. It is best to take with you sleighs and skis, then you will spend your time not only useful, but also fascinating.

    It is good in the winter in the forest, because there the trees have some magical appeal. You don’t want to leave the forest, despite the severe frosts and deep snow. Going to a forest for a weekend, do not forget to take some feed for birds and animals with you, as they are the worst in this cold season.

    Do not forget that it is for the winter that most Orthodox church holidays, such as Epiphany, Maslenitsa, Candlemas, and, of course, Christmas are occurring. Each of them has its own traditions. For example, it is possible to tell fortunes between Christmas and Epiphany, since it was at this time that all the “evil” on Earth comes out to “walk”.

    Winter in Russia is not just a season - it is a real epoch that is full of various traditions and rituals.

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