• What is he: a teacher?

    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    January 28, 2015
    What is he: a teacher?

    There are many opinions about what a teacher should be in the modern world. But perhaps in one they converge: the teacher is a passionate person. He must sincerely wish to transfer his knowledge or his experience to people. If a person is not interested in the process of teaching others - it is unlikely that he will make a good teacher.

    The main personality traits of a good teacher are defined below.

    What is he - the perfect teacher?

    A competent teacher will not be limited in his activities only to teaching his subject. The functions of the teacher are much wider - he is also an educator, and a researcher, and a psychologist. We analyze the points.

    • The teacher is an educator. To educate means to take into account the behavior of students, to help them in the development of their personality, to instill moral values.
    • The teacher is a researcher. To make the learning process as productive as possible, the teacher must constantly replenish the stock of knowledge in his subject. This is important in order to transmit to students only relevant and accurate information, to avoid outdated information.
    • The teacher is a psychologist.All students are different in character, personality type, as well as the speed of learning. Therefore, the teacher must identify how best to interact with a particular student - then the training will be as effective as possible. The teacher is able to circumvent conflicts, to prevent them. He is correct and avoids the humiliation or insults of his students.

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