• What is iso?

    Oksana Vasilyeva
    Oksana Vasilyeva
    February 19, 2015
    What is iso?

    The word “from” in the most well-known meaning today appeared in the Russian language relatively recently. It arose as a contraction from the phrase "visual arts". For example, many schoolchildren call drawing lessons. He is present in the names of other classes in the visual arts: a circle from the art studio. And what is iso in other values? Let's see.

    Iso is the first part of many compound words that convey the meaning of equality or sameness. For example: iso-amplitude, isotherm. From as part of the word has a Greek origin (isos), which literally translates as "equal", and is used in scientific terminology.

    Izo is a preposition in the Russian language, which is a form of the preposition “from”. Used for euphoria before words beginning with two consonant letters, the first of which is the letter “p” or “l”. For example: steam blows from the mouth, the palace is built of ice. This preposition is also used in conjunction with the words “all,” “all,” “all.”For example: run your best.

    Izo is a prefix in the Russian language, which is the harmonious form of the prefix "from". Used before the letter "d", before the combination of a consonant letter and a soft sign, in front of groups of some other consonants. For example: go out, pour out, izomnu.

    It is also similar to the Russian-language pronunciation of the English abbreviation ISO, which is the designation of a particular file format.

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