• What is a life hack?

    January 13, 2015
    What is a life hack?

    Recently, the term “life hack” has become widespread on the Internet. Entire websites dedicated to life-hacking are being created, and more and more new methods are actively discussed at profile forums.

    But what is a life hack? Read about it in our article.

    What is life hacking: history and definition

    The word "life hack", as you might guess, came to us from the English language. The term "life hack" is derived from the word "hack", adopted among programmers. It is often translated into Russian as “hacking”, although not always the “hack” is associated with hacking software code. Initially, “hack” was called not very elegant, but an effective solution to a particular problem during programming.

    Over time, hacks began to gain popularity, aimed at combating information overload, and later they began to talk about hacks, designed to facilitate the solution of any other problems not related to information technology. Gradually, the term “life hack” (which literally can be translated as “hacking life”) gained popularity in the blogosphere and Internet slang and ceased to be associated exclusively with programmers.

    “Layfkhakom” in slang can be called any trick, technique, or even a psychological technique that makes life easier. For example, “how to quickly defrost meat”, “how to gently fold clothes in a suitcase”, “how to hang a picture exactly”, “how to get you to be missed without a queue”, “how to get rid of the fear of public speaking” - all this can be considered life hacking Of course, computer lifehacks are still common, telling how to quickly launch programs, how to set up automatic computer startup in the morning, how to improve system performance, and the like.

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