• What is peace?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    January 26, 2015
    What is peace?

    The word "Miro" was used in Old Slavonic and Ancient Greek and meant aromatic oil. But what is peace and how to prepare it, we will look into our article.

    Miró is a fragrant oil that is specially prepared and sanctified for use in the anointing.

    Meaning and origin of the word

    Throughout Orthodoxy, Miro is used to illuminate a building, an altar and walls. Both in the Armenian Apostolic Church and in the Catholic religion, the world is used during the ordination of bishops and priests.

    In Orthodoxy, the world is preserved in special vessels called peace-houses; they are placed on the altar.

    The first time about the world is mentioned in the Scripture in the book of Exodus. A specially prepared ointment consisting of various incenses was used to anoint the tent of the congregation and the ark of testimony.

    Several centuries after the formation of Christianity, and the world began to be used to anoint Christians after the sacrament of baptism.This rite was performed on the throne or altar. This rite of passage was acquired in the 4th century AD.

    In addition, this word denotes a substance exuded by icons or relics in the process of myrrh-streaming.

    The use of this word

    Very often one can hear the expression “one world is mazana”, which indicates the similarity of people (often with a dismissive tinge). A synonym for this expression can be "two pair of boots" or "one berry field".

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