• What is modeling?

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    What is modeling?

    Sometimes a person has to solve problems with relatively large objects. In this case, he resorts to modeling. For example, the globe as a model of the planet Earth, simplifies the explanation of some geographical phenomena, makes them more visual and accessible for perception. There are a lot of examples of models that a person uses in his life. Let's talk about what the modeling process is and what it is for.

    What is modeling: definition

    Modeling is a method of studying objects by creating and researching their models. Thus, the basis for the modeling process is precisely the model, a kind of reduced copy of the object being studied. But it is not always the case of zooming out.

    Sometimes we cannot study anything on a specific real object, as this contradicts various norms, for example, ethical, legal and other. So, in the case of certain human diseases, before proceeding with their treatment on specific people,For a long time, future doctors will study in detail the organs, their structure and interrelations on special mock-ups, sometimes interactively arranged. This helps them in subsequent professional activities to avoid mistakes, simplifies their interaction with real objects.

    The benefits of modeling

    • It simplifies the study of the object.
    • It allows you to focus on the main (when creating a model, we can schematically depict an object, highlighting only the main, studied moments).
    • It promotes learning and learning.
    • The result obtained in the course of studying the model can be transferred to a real-life object (but under all the conditions for creating this model).

    Simulation examples

    Some examples of spatial modeling have already been given earlier: the globe, the layout of the human body, here you can bring high-tech installations and devices by type of aircraft, rockets, model of the atom and others. There is a simulation that more manifests itself in a sign system, for example, algorithms, diagrams and drawings describing the movement of current in a circuit or information from a source to a receiver.

    But what man himself creates, imitating reality, is also to some extent modeling, but not scientific, but spontaneous. This may include, for example, photography and painting and other areas of creativity, in which there is a place for the construction of reality.

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