• What is pomelo?

    Alena Anisimova
    Alena Anisimova
    March 27, 2013
    What is pomelo?

    Perhaps on the shelves of the stores you often met a big yellow fruit called pomelo? What is a pomelo and what is its value? Pomelo - a tree of the genus citrus, evergreen. It has large, edible fruits. Pomelo is considered to be one of the largest fruits in the citrus family. Some specimens reach the size of a small watermelon and weigh up to 10 kilograms. Grow pomelo in Israel, Japan and others.

    What kind of fruit - pomelo

    Pomelo is covered with a thick skinned, which has a yellow tint. It has a round or pear shape. It reaches lengths from sixteen to eighteen cm. Its diameter can be equal to 30 cm. Inside the broom there are large slices of fruit with seeds. The taste of fruit is sweet and sour with a pleasant aroma. The flesh is very juicy.

    The flesh of the fruit is rich in such vitamins as "B" and "C". Fruits also contain folic acid, potassium.

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