• What is profitable to produce?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    December 20, 2012
    What is profitable to produce?

    To open a business and develop it is the dream of any person with entrepreneurial talents. And before starting to develop a business plan, everyone thinks about what is profitable to produce so that there is a good profit.

    According to the already working producers, Russia has very high taxes, corruption and bureaucracy. All this hinders the development of production. Everyone finds how to fight or "put up" with these factors. This is a topic for another conversation. The main thing is to initially understand what is profitable to produce in Russia, and, even with these costs in mind, it is good to live and work with a profit.

    Small production

    It is profitable to sell what people will always buy, no matter how much it costs. First, it is food. They have always been and will be needed by customers. Therefore, you can consider as your future production: bakery, confectionery, meat workshop for the production of sausages and meat semi-finished products.By the way, in our “age of acceleration”, when a woman has no time to stand at the stove for hours, cutlets, dumplings, pancakes, frozen vegetable mixes, cabbage rolls, kupaty and much more are popular.

    The second direction of production, which will always be with customers, is the goods for the funeral. Funeral firms will always flourish. Particularly profitable to produce monuments, fences, flower beds. This “sad” line of business gives a good stable income also because the death rate in Russia still exceeds the birth rate, although positive trends can be traced.

    A good development has recently received a business associated with the construction and repair. Considering what is profitable to produce in Russia in young and growing cities, count the benefits from the construction of houses. And, in the old cities, all those who are engaged in the repair, production and installation of windows, doors, painting and plastering works, electrical communications, plumbing and sanitary ware live well.

    Each city has its own specific business areas, so consider them when building a business plan.

    Large production

    In large-scale production, the branches remain the same, only the product itself changes. It is advantageous to produce vodka, salt, tea. Great profits bring restaurants and cafes, develop them and create a network. Large chain stores have always attracted both product manufacturers and customers, bringing them high interest rates. Now livestock breeding is developing at a good pace - the larger the farm, the more profitable it is for its owner.

    On a global scale, on a nationwide scale, production based on the principle of “cheaply picked - sold dearly” is very profitable. Therefore, mining in Russia is booming (gas, oil, ore). And, precisely, that is why the state retains its monopoly on the production of vodka, salt, and matches.

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