• What is rhythmic breathing?

    Breathing is a physiological process that ensures the vital activity of the body. This happens due to the maintenance of the internal environment of the body due to the supply of oxygen. Techniques to improve human health and relieve him from even certain diseases include several types of breathing exercises, in particular diaphragmatic, costal (chest) and rhythmic breathing.

    Breathing is life!

    The latter type has several undoubted advantages. The benefits of rhythmic breathing lie in the fact that:

    • systematic exercises help to clean the lungs, down to the smallest pulmonary vesicles, thereby increasing the activity of the organ;
    • purify the blood from metabolic products of the metabolism and saturate it with oxygen;
    • improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, positively affect the nervous system;
    • help to learn to effectively and quickly focus and improve attention.

    The basic principle of such a technique is mastering the skill of concentrating on the processes occurring in one's own body.It is no secret that a certain rhythm exists in the work of the heart, and can be traced in the pulse.

    How to learn?

    Developing this skill is not difficult, the main thing is motivation and hard work. Yoga, practicing rhythmic type of breathing, is advised to start to carefully listen to the heartbeat and keep a record from 1 to 6, and then start anew.

    Another important rule is that the inhalation and exhalation should last for the same time, and the delay in breathing between them should be half the inhalation or exhalation.

    You can perform the exercise in any position convenient for you - lying, standing or sitting. Next, you need to follow a small algorithm.

    1. Put your hand on your wrist or carotid artery around your neck and feel the pulse.
    2. Take a full, deep breath, counting up to six heartbeats, exhale.
    3. Do it all over again. Between inhalation and exhalation, a small stop can be made.

    This simple exercise should last about 10 minutes. The duration of inhalation-exhalation can be gradually increased by listening to yourself. If this condition does not cause you discomfort, you can stay at this level.

    Harmful rhythmic breathing does not bring, but you still need to be careful of those who suffer from hypo- and hypertension.Always remember that everything should be in moderation, and to comprehend the system of healing techniques in 2-3 classes will not work. Therefore, move towards knowledge slowly but surely.

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