• What is risotto?

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    What is risotto?

    There are Italian dishes that are unpretentious in their preparation and are successfully prepared with us. One of these dishes - risotto, and what it is, we consider in more detail in the article.

    Risotto - what is it?

    As already mentioned, the word "risotto" of Italian origin. Literally means "little rice." Often risotto is defined as one of the national Italian dishes. The first mention of it occurs in the 19th century. Most often, risotto is cooked in the north of Italy. In general, it can be rice dishes of different composition. True, an important ingredient is still a special kind of rice, enriched with starch.

    The procedure for making risotto is usually standard: frying, adding liquid (broth or water), stewing rice and adding liquid again. At the end of the basic preparation, various ingredients can be added there depending on the desires of the cook. In our culture, sometimes we neglect the full procedure of cooking, but still call the dish - risotto. The most correct thing would be to simply talk about a rice dish rather than add an Italian flavor to it.This is likely to add color to the kitchen, and to the cooks of greater importance than if the dish was called something else.

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