• What is safer - sun or solarium?

    Sunbathe can not sit in the shade - where do we put a comma?

    No doctor will deny the negative effect of the sun on the skin, this is confirmed by numerous studies. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation simultaneously with heat energy and wind, and often also with salt water of the sea or fresh water - rivers and lakes, leads to desiccation of the epidermis, dehydration of derma cells, as well as disruption of the hydrolipid mantle - this is a thin layer of fat covering the skin and protecting it from external environment.

    It should be understood that the manifestation of sunburn is a defensive reaction, the body's resistance to the action of dangerous UV rays. They are tough, if they are not protected from them, they are able to penetrate deeply and damage cells up to the provocation of cancer. Therefore, when tanning, a dark pigment is formed, which, like sunglasses, protects the skin from harmful rays. Note that the closer the population lives to the equator (indigenous, naturally, and not tourists), the darker the skin. African people have a similar appearance and color of the skin just to protect against solar insolation.

    What is safer - sun or solarium?

    What is safer - sun or solarium?

    Melatonin "eats" ultraviolet up to a certain limit, preventing the skin from burning, and the cells to collapse. The paler your skin in its natural form, the more careful you need to be with the sun. Natural blondes and redheads are more sensitive to all UV rays, they by their nature should live in the northern cold latitudes, where it is cloudy and cool.

    Important! UV rays harm not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous vessels, the retina of the eyes and the mucous membrane, significantly inhibit the activity of the immune system, if roasting on the beach to the state of "a la sausage grill." Do not be surprised later, whence you have varicose veins, spider veins, reduced vision and wrinkles.

    Is everything so bad?

    Naturally, any medal has two sides - only vampires and people suffering from porphyria (pathology, allergy to the sun) can live comfortably without the sun. Ordinary people dosed tan will benefit. The word "dosed" means:

    • tanning at a safe time;
    • stay in the sun no more than 20-30 minutes, and in the first days - even less;
    • full skin care before and after tanning;
    • the consumption of a sufficient amount of fluid;
    • Protect eyes, head and skin areas where there are nevi and moles.

    Subject to simple rules, dosed solar exposure helps in the production of vitamin D by the skin.He, in turn, is responsible for strong bones, normal coagulability of blood and complete metabolism.

    What is safer - sun or solarium?

    What is safer - sun or solarium?

    With a short stay in the sun, the body activates the metabolism, improves the absorption of oxygen by the tissues - this is the prevention of aging. But I will immediately note that excessive tanning is a conscious aging of the skin before term.

    A light tan enhances the production of pleasure hormones in the brain, so it relieves stress, gives a feeling of lightness and joy. Plus, immunity is stimulated, microbes on the skin are destroyed, which helps in the healing of wounds and purulent acne.

    Important! You can tan on the beach before redness and burns even in cloudy weather. Unlike other rays of the sun, for UV rays, clouds are not an obstacle.

    Solarium: is it an alternative?

    In Europe and America, equipment for tanning equipment is subject to extremely strict requirements, which makes these devices safe when used correctly. Producers do not save on the health of consumers, and with strict adherence to recommendations, there should be no harm. But the question of how good the equipment is for us is open, as is the observance of the conditions and rules of sunbathing by visitors.Therefore, in relation to our country, it is not necessary to speak categorically about the safety of a tanning salon.

    The composition of the UV spectrum in the solarium is different from the natural one: some of the dangerous rays in it are cut off, which makes such a tan safer for the skin. If you follow all the rules, if you do not lie in it for hours, a tanning bed can help in improving and strengthening your health. But at the same time, the main authority in matters of health - WHO (World Health Organization) - strongly recommends that you give up tanning lamps and tanning beds. Not for nothing, I think.

    The main claim to sunburn

    Whether it is the sun or tanning lamps, the main and most real claim is UV rays, affecting the skin in the area of ​​moles and nevi, pigment spots and even normal, healthy areas, in a particular category of people can provoke melanoma. Of course, beauty requires sacrifice, but it’s too big of them. Well, if the moles on the body of a couple of pieces, they can be stuck in the solarium with special protective films, and before going to the beach to process sunscreen. And if moles and freckles are generously scattered throughout the body?

    What is safer - sun or solarium?

    But if you discard the risk of cancer, UV rays provoke accelerated photoaging of the skin, and in a tanning salon it may appear sooner, it is visited more often and longer than usually occur in the sun.Under the action of UV rays, collagen and elastin fibers wear out faster, the skin dries and dehydrates, and these are fine wrinkles, pigmentation, split ends of hair. Particularly relevant are all the disadvantages of tanning for people with very thin and fair skin.

    And finally!

    In fact, visiting a tanning salon is a physiotherapy with a pleasant side effect in the form of darkening of the skin, that is, tanning. Therefore, as with any physiotherapy, there are contraindications for visiting a tanning salon. And it is important to consult with your doctor beforehand, and is it worth it to brown under the lamps or will it harm your health? Many skin diseases, endocrine disorders and certain medications (including antibiotics and antidepressants) can be an obstacle to a visit to the tanning bed.

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