• What is soup?

    The culinary term “first course” includes many recipes known worldwide or considered rare and exotic. But, oddly enough, all these miso and borscht are actually soups.

    Consider what soup is, and what kinds it is. Officially, the word soupe is translated as the first dish, consisting of liquid (usually water) and refueling. Most often, soups are cooked, but there are exceptions. In general, the variety of this dish is determined by the area in which it is prepared. For example, there are quite strong differences between Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Russian borscht, although it would seem that the basic recipe should be kept everywhere along with the name of the dish.

    Types of soups

    Hot soups

    But not every chef will answer what soups are, and why they are so called. In fact, each name corresponds to one of the recipes - therefore borsch is everywhere borsch, because in its preparation beet is used in any case, giving it an appetizing dark red color and a specific taste.

    But soup - a little different soup, and so called, too, because of its recipe.Cabbage or any other substitute that gives acid (it can be sorrel, apple boil, pickled mushrooms), or their combination creates an amazing sour taste. It is thanks to him that the soup does not become boring and can be served quite often in different variations. Another feature of soup - vegetables in this dish are put without prior heat treatment.

    A bit different recipe for a hodgepodge. Because of its taste, this dish is also called “hangover” - pickles and pickles, capers, olives, even lemon and kvass, mushrooms - everything goes. But, in addition to “sourness”, it is recommended to add any processed meat or fish, including smoked meats.

    Cold soups

    On the other hand, what kind of soups are hot, who cook, everyone knows, but there are also so-called cold soups. For example, well-known okroshka. Boiled and coarsely chopped vegetables with spicy herbs, boiled eggs are poured with brine, kvass or even kefir become a very popular first course in the summer heat.

    Another type of cold soup is a cream soup. One of the most famous recipes - gazpacho - includes a variety of chopped vegetables, which added spices, put ice and left to thaw.In contrast, cream soup is diluted in milk or butter, and flour or melted cheese is added to make it thicker.

    Dishes of national cuisine

    But do not forget about the unique national dishes. In particular, Japanese miso soup deserves special attention. Any Japanese will tell you that miso is the main component of the most popular daily dishes, fermented soybeans with the addition of cereals. The most interesting thing is that in each region of the Rising Sun country miso paste is made in its own way, therefore each such soup has a unique color and smell.

    Another well-known first dish is Georgian kharcho, which in fact is a mutton soup with walnuts and rice. But tklapi adds a special piquancy to it - sour sauce, which is often replaced with tkemali or tomatoes.

    In any case, soups are in any kitchen of the world and each of them has a special taste.

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