• What is the best dress?

    Not always a person has the money to buy a lot of bright, fashionable and stylish things. And not always fashion makes a particular person beautiful. It is important to buy what is right for you, and not what everyone is wearing at the moment. And our article will help determine this. So, we investigate how best to dress and spend at the same time not an exorbitant amount.

    Determine the features of the body

    The type of clothing must match the type of your figure. A female figure can reveal the following features - fullness, thinness, large hips, large belly, very large or almost absent breasts, short legs, slouching shoulders, etc.

    If the legs are full almost to the calf, then it is best to wear pants or long skirts. If there is no waist line, then it should be emphasized with a belt or, on the contrary, hidden under a tunic. If you have a small chest, then you need to pick up blouses and dresses with a yoke, with ruffles, with a collar like a "collar." Narrow hips can be optically enlarged with a wide skirt and stylish trousers with decorative details. Fat ladies should not decorate themselves with ruffles and ruffles, the simpler and straighter the silhouette, the better.Even these ladies are not recommended to wear tight clothes, do not think that you can look slimmer like that. It only fits the already unsightly folds. If the girl's legs are short and not quite slim, then it is best to wear long skirts, wide trousers, and you should not wear long blouses and sweaters, this will make the lower part of the body even shorter.

    We select wardrobe

    Now it is important to decide on the color scheme of your wardrobe. If you mostly go to work in the office, then you do not need to think about how to buy more things. It is better to wear three or four things that match the color, and come up with various combinations with them. It can be a dark gray skirt, a lilac blouse, black pants and a gray jacket. From these things you can come up with several variants of the image, adding to this dress a few beads, a belt, a scarf, a light gas scarf. The color spot in this ensemble will be a blouse, and the other parts can be swapped and varied as you like.

    By the way, if you like clothes with a pattern, for example, with stripes, then you need to keep in mind that you need a full strip along the body, you can wear a cross strip and skinny ones;And the abundance of pattern in clothes in general rarely looks stylish, only one detail can be such.

    Monochrome clothes can also be different and should be combined with the color of your hair, eyes. For example, if a woman is blonde, then a beige blouse will simply “eat” her face; you can only shade it with the fiery color of lipstick. Blondes better wear bright colors in one or two things. Brunettes, on the contrary, can wear soothing shades of different colors, bright colors will look tasteless.

    Expensive or cheap

    After well-known international clothing brands penetrated our lives, there was a choice before fashionistas: what to buy and how much? Of course, dressing has become better, but the desire to save has not disappeared. It is necessary to remember that real brand things can not be cheap. Of course, there is a temptation to buy 10 cheap things for the price of one genuine and high-quality one. But believe me, your look will look cheap, no matter how you choose your wardrobe. Therefore, when deciding where to dress, choose good stores and stylish expensive items. You will wear them much longer, you will look attractive, despite the fact that there will be 4, not 40.

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