• What is the dream of the body?

    Leonid Veselov
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    What is the dream of the body?

    Often in a dream we see our body. And after the awakening, some details remain in the memory: hands, eyes, hair ... In fact, a person contains almost the whole universe. We ourselves are the creators of the world of our dreams. And our body is the material from which we build this world.

    Deep theme: what is the dream of the body

    To clearly understand the meaning, it is necessary to consider many details: in what situation we see. What do we feel? The living body is visible or dead.

    See Body (live):

    • Lose weight - to find misfortune through stinginess.
    • Fully - to gain wealth and prosperity.
    • Needless to grow fat - the onset of insanity.
    • To see your body dark - to treason, to deception.
    • To be bitten by insects - to wealth, money.


    • To change the weather.
    • Seeing someone dead - will live long.
    • Kissing the dead - to be in a love relationship with a celebrity, to desire it.
    • Talking with the dead is the peace of the soul.

    It is also very important to consider which parts of the body are visible.

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