• What is the dream of the family?

    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    February 24, 2015
    What is the dream of the family?

    Did you have a family dream? Do not rush to dismiss - they say, another meaningless dream - it can carry important warnings. To see a family in a dream - usually foreshadows important events, realizations, be they joyful or not. A family in a dream is a reason to think about real relationships with relatives, self-awareness, the business side of life.

    So, why does the family usually dream? Well, first of all, a happy and cheerful family in a dream promises success, good luck, health. There is nothing to worry about. But when there are divisions and conflicts in the family - this is an occasion to think and overestimate a certain aspect of your life. So, a frustrated mom in a dream portends quarrels in the family, a showdown. To see a father in a dream means that soon there will probably be difficulties in life that will be difficult to resolve without the advice of a loved one.

    Grandparents in a dream

    Senior family members in a dream carry important information. So, if a grandfather had a dream, it could mean the appearance of some future difficulties, and grandmother often gives valuable advice in a dream.The words of the grandmother should be listened to - sometimes the subconscious speaks to us, pointing out what should be paid attention in your life, what needs to be corrected.

    If grandmothers, grandfathers gathered at the same table - this is a great sign. Such a dream suggests that some promising prospects will soon appear in your life.

    Other relatives

    Daughter with a dream - a sign of the upcoming tests, which are worth tune. The son is the messenger of the fact that it is worth reconsidering family relations. Also to see her son in a dream can promise a new job.

    If you dream of cheerful brothers - this is a favorable sign, if upset - unfavorable: to trouble, setbacks. Sisters in a dream - this is a good relationship with others. Brothers and sisters at the same time - to discord, squabbles in the family.

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