• What is the grave dream

    Why dream of a grave? It is believed that with such a dream, deceased relatives remind us of the need to visit their last shelter in the cemetery and remember. But many drafters do not agree with this version of interpretation and offer their own:

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    What is the grave dream
    What is the grave dream

    Sensible dream book

    Dig another's grave - to death. To see the churchyard, where close people are buried - to litigation.

    Dream Interpretation of Meridian

    If the dream concerns the burial of a loved one, for example, the grave of a deceased mother or grandmother dreamed, then you develop a chronic disease. They saw the grave of a loved one suffering from ailments - a bad sign. Such a dream may even hint at death.


    To be buried alive in a dream - to wealth and abundance.

    Small Velesov

    According to this dream book, the grave in a dream foreshadows the news from distant places. It is in her - a good sign, he predicts sudden enrichment. Dig a hole yourself - incur financial damage through your own fault.The plundered last shelter dreams of bad news. Visit the grave of a friend - to marry.

    Dream of the White Mage Longo

    If you dreamed that you were a gravedigger, this is a great sign. Catch the moment of luck. Go through the cemetery and fall into a newly dug hole - learn something new and very important about your neighbors and friends. Old crumbling graveyard dreams to reconciliation with a foe. Mass grave dreams of rumors and deception.

    Dream Dream

    This interpreter explains why the grave dreams. If she is well-groomed, in colors - to the success of the opposite sex. Only a looted, empty pit dreams of illness and failure. Even to see oneself buried is to profit, and the larger the mound is, the more it will be. And the graves at the war memorial - to unfading glory.

    Dream Miller

    You find a half-filled grave in a dream, and a familiar person in it. This dream foreshadows danger to your friend. Look at your monument - to uncover a conspiracy preparing against you. Digging a hole for burial in a dream means waking you have a tough opponent. But if you have time, without waking up, to complete your work, defeat a competitor.

    A loved one will turn away from you if you see in your dream an empty grave with a corpse that has disappeared from it. A very bad sign is to see the wedding in a graveyard near the graves in the night slumber. This means that one of the newlyweds will die as a result of the disaster.


    Usually dreams about graves talk about possible misfortunes and illnesses. A girl walking in a cemetery - to an unhappy marriage. Do you read in dreams the names and names of those buried, epitaphs? You will be worried because of trouble.

    In a dream to see your grave - to a fatal change in destiny. Sleep warning: someone just buried. This portends danger, speaks of possible suffering. Overgrown graveyard - to search for the direction of life's journey. Find it to help a wise new friend.


    This dream book tells you what the grave of a deceased relative or friend dreams about. Visiting such graves is for marriage. Being in the pit yourself is a problem in business, at work.


    If you bury someone, then you bury your abilities in the ground. It is in the pit itself - to inheritance.


    If the dream has taken you to the cemetery, it warns of possible financial trouble. It’s not a good sign to dig a hole for burial or rush into it. This is usually a sign of possible imprisonment.


    The graves in a dream foreshadow the imminent demise of a loved one. Especially bad is a symbol for the patient.

    Muslim dream book

    Does your dream cover the preparation of a burial site? Soon you will be building a new house.

    Interpreter Vanga

    If the night visions showed you your own grave, this dream is unfavorable. He talks about life changes for the worse. Several burials - to the whole chain of regrettable accidents.

    Dream dream Hasse

    Digging a pit for burial in the cemetery - to the fact that you will soon find a soul mate. And to bury a coffin is to get rid of a chronic disease forever. Walk between the graves, dream interpretation, to break the relationship, divorce.

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