• What is a holocaust?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    March 26, 2013
    What is a holocaust?

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    What is a holocaust?

    Those who are somewhat familiar with history and eyewitnesses to the Second World War are well aware of what the Holocaust is. From 1933 until the end of hostilities, all members of the Jewish nation were annihilated. It was the murder of all Jews in Germany and the occupied territories that was called the Holocaust.

    The word "holocaust" itself means a massive burning, complete destruction. Only a transcript of this concept inspires fear and grief. Nayavu was just like that. The victims were persecuted, they came at night, they were taken to concentration camps, where in terrible agony and torture they were killed with the most sophisticated methods. Although the war years were not easy for anyone, but for the Jewish nation they turned into a massive genocide.

    Although Hitler sought to exterminate the entire Jewish people, Poles, black people, and people with mental and physical ailments came under the wrath of the Nazis. It was believed that the purebred Aryan race should be completely freed from those who at least did not look like a fair-haired German.Created "death camps" in which they were tormented by hunger, set up medical experiments that go beyond the humane framework, forced to work hard. People were beaten and hung, burned, and killed in gas chambers.

    The extermination of all who differed from the real Aryan, according to Hitler, reached an incredible scale. When the war was about to end, the Nazis did not stop, persecuting and brutally killing not only people of Jewish and Polish, as well as Russian nationalities, but also representatives of sexual minorities. About nine thousand unconventional people were tracked and killed. One third of the Jewish nation, not only in Nazi Germany, but all over the world, was killed, tortured by starvation or burned publicly.

    There are many frames on the Internet responding to a query: what is a holocaust video All of them show murder, mockery of nations against which the fascists were. Only now all the terrible details of the Holocaust began to reach the public.

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