• What is the option?

    Lilya Mayak
    Lilya Mayak
    March 7, 2015
    What is the option?

    The word variant is widely used in our everyday speech in the sense of variety. Frequently used phrases are “answer options” or “project version”, which imply one of several answers or one of several versions of a project. This concept has other meanings. Therefore, in this article we will describe what a variant is and in what meanings this word is used.

    Option: the definition and use of the word

    Interestingly, the original meaning of the word “variant” is very different from the modern interpretation of the concept. The term came to our language from French, which, in turn, took it from Latin. The literal translation of the word means "changing." However, for a long time it was used to determine one of a certain number of editions of the work. It could be a musical, literary and other work. Also under the option could be meant the version of any official document.

    In addition, this term also characterized the modification of a certain part of such a work.For example, many poems of Pushkin have different versions, differing from each other in specific lines, chapters, or only in words. Such versions were also called variants.

    Today the word has acquired a wider meaning and is understood by us primarily as a type or version of something in general. For example, “convenient route option” - the word indicates that the type of route is not the only one. “Variants of answers” ​​are immediately perceived by us as a list, that is, there can be several answers to a certain question, from which a specific one is chosen, etc.

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