• What is a story?

    There are various prosaic genres: story, short story, novel, novel. What distinguishes one genre from another? What is a story and how does it differ from a story or novel?

    The story is one of the prose genres. In its scope, the story occupies an intermediate position between the story and the novel. The plot of the story usually reproduces the natural segments of life and is devoid of intrigue. He focuses on the main character and the character of his personality. In the story usually there is only one storyline, which depicts only a few episodes from the life of the protagonist.

    What is the story different from the story

    The story differs from the story in its large volume. So, if the volume of the story is measured in ten pages, then the volume of the story may be one or several hundred pages of printed text. In addition, the story is a story about one or two episodes of the life of the main character, while in the story can be told about a larger segment of his life. In contrast to the story, there are more characters in the story, as well as events.

    What is the difference from a story

    Before explaining the difference between a fairy tale and a story, we’ll tell you what they have in common. First of all, they relate to prose. In addition, both the fairy tale and the story tell about a certain period in the life of the main character. But the story is based on the description of events that occurred or could occur in ordinary life, and the plot of the tale is based on fiction. Thus, the plotting of the storyline is based on the likelihood principle, which is completely excluded when creating a fairy tale. Most of the fairy tales (except for the second ones) belong to the folklore genre, that is, such fairy tales do not have a specific author.

    What does the story teach?

    Like any work of literature, the story carries certain lessons that readers must understand.

    Let us, for example, understand what the story "The Old Man and the Sea" teaches. It seems to be such a small literary work, but how much it gives us! We read this Hemingway story and learn perseverance and devotion, the struggle for survival and the assurance that the future will be better than the present. In addition, the story teaches meekness and humility, hope and humility.

    But the story B.Field "The Tale of a Real Man" teaches the ability to overcome any difficulties in life and strive to live a full life, help people and at the same time be a modest person.

    What is the meaning of the final story

    Any story has its own meaning, which is most often expressed in its finale. Let's analyze the meaning of the ending of the Hemingway story “The Old Man and the Sea”. The old man Santiago is not averse to people, he does not leave life, does not withdraw into himself. In fact, the prospect of further activity remains open, which can be considered as the author’s faith in the creative and creative power of a person. In the final of this story, the theme of misunderstanding between people, their inability to listen to each other is also touched upon. After all, a group of tourists is only interested in a huge fish skeleton, and they do not hear the story about the tragedy of the old man.

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