• What is the use of R'n’b-dance, who is not suitable, what to wear to workout

    Dance load makes the body more plastic and flexible. Improved coordination of movements. You finally learn to control your body. And do not be afraid to show it to others. 500-700 calories burn in a one-hour workout.
    The R’n’b dance lesson requires good coordination and muscle memory. One thing is to learn the elements of dance separately. Another is to execute them in combination. For those who want to repeat the dance, learned in training, in a club or at a party, you will have to get ready to repeat lessons at home.
    At first, for dancing you may lack flexibility and plasticity ... You need not be afraid of that. Regular training (at least three times a week) - and the elements of R'n’b will be more and more perfect.
    Who is not suitable?
    Dance lesson refers to high-impact aerobic exercise, which may be contraindicated for people with hypertension, sore joints, complex eye diseases.
    However, the main thing here is to decide on a coach. Because each instructor gives his lesson to the lesson. For example, dancing in the key of strip-plastics is available even to people who cannot jump a lot or make sharp bends. But R’n’b with a lot of hip-hop elements and break-dance will load you in full. Such training is considered strength training and is suitable only for advanced dancers, who have several years of visiting the gym.

    What to wear for training?
    On the feet - always sneakers. And better dance. These shoes are equipped with shock absorbers on the sole, which allow you to rotate in place and not slip on the floor.
    Give up the strict tracksuits of dark colors. Choose for r’n’b-workout bright topics, tight breeches or sexy shorts.
    Those who are still shy of their figure can opt for hip-hop clothes: wide trousers with pockets and stripes, T-shirts with inscriptions and prints.

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