• What is thrust?

    Alexander Smaznev
    Alexander Smaznev
    February 4, 2015
    What is thrust?

    The word “lingering” of the Russian language, depending on the context, can mean a large number of various subjects and phenomena. What is thrust? Consider the basic meanings of the word.


    • Traction is the driving force of the vehicle, that is, the force that is generated by the engine and allows the car to move in space. Here you can talk about horse, steam, heat, jet propulsion, etc.
    • The set of cars (locomotives and electric locomotives), providing the movement of railway trains. On the railway there is a special traction service, along with the services of cars, railways, communications and other things.
    • The movement of gases in furnaces and ventilation systems. It is caused by a natural or artificially created pressure difference in various parts of structures. You can talk about a good, weak, forced burden.
    • A strong desire for anything. There is a desire for adventure, profit, culture, drugs and other good and bad things.
    • The part of the mechanism that transmits the pulling force from one part to another.The most well-known traction in this value is the steering traction of the vehicle, which transmits the force from the steering mechanism to the wheels and ensures that they turn in the right direction.
    • In architecture, it is an element of the exterior and interior decoration of buildings, stretched along the wall in the form of a cornice and visually dividing the object into several horizontal segments. For example, the installation of gypsum plaster is practiced.
    • A group of bodybuilding exercises characterized by the pull of a weight towards yourself. There is a deadlift, an upper block thrust, etc.
    • The flight of birds, mainly woodcocks, to the mating season. If the hunter is on the pitch, it means that he hunts woodcocks during their flight.

    As you can see, all these meanings of the word "thrust" go back to the verbs "pull", "pull". However, the word "traction" should not be confused with consonant "tags". The latter concept is completely from another area.

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