• What is traffic?

    February 3, 2015
    What is traffic?

    The word "traffic" has many meanings, although most often, perhaps, it is used in the field of information technology. In this article we will explain what traffic is in principle, Internet traffic and mobile traffic.

    Traffic: Definition

    The word "traffic", as you might guess, is borrowed from a foreign language - it comes from the English "traffic". The English word, as is often the case, has many meanings: “traffic” can be translated as “traffic”, “transport”, “transportation” or “trade”.

    Outside the IT sphere, the word “traffic” is well caught in the Russian language in the combination “drug traffic”. This refers to the illicit drug trafficking and trafficking.

    Sometimes “traffic” can also be used in the meaning of “traffic volume”, “traffic congestion” (for example, “there is a lot of traffic on the roads”, that is, a lot of cars) - but this is still a rare Anglicism. Well, now let's talk about the most popular meaning - what is traffic on the Internet and, alternatively, what is mobile traffic.

    Internet traffic

    Internet traffic is the amount of data transmitted over an Internet connection at a specific point in time. Traffic is incoming and outgoing. The first is the amount of data you downloaded. The second is the amount of data you sent.

    It is worth noting that not only direct downloading of files is taken into account here, but generally any data transmitted via the network: for example, when you open a web page, you upload data about it to your computer, and when you type in a search engine and click the " Search ", send data to a remote server.

    As a rule, traffic is measured in bits, bytes and their derivatives with the prefixes "kilo", "mega" and "gigabyte". It is important to imagine the extent of your network traffic if you have an Internet with payment for the amount of data transmitted and received - in other words, with payment for traffic.

    However, cable Internet providers in recent years use such tariffing less and less. It is more important to closely monitor the mobile traffic - that is, the amount of data that you transmit and receive via 3G or LTE Internet on a smartphone or tablet.Typically, mobile operators offer subscribers tariffs that include a certain amount of traffic (1 GB, 2 GB, etc.) for a monthly fee.

    However, in small towns, cable providers may still require a megabyte payment for the Internet.

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