• What is true love?

    Leave alone the lofty quotes and try to just understand what true love is and how it differs from “unreal” feeling. The question of love comes side by side with the problem of the human ego. That is how it is possible to separate the true love from the flared passion.

    What is she - true love?

    Before everyone, sooner or later the question arises: either we do something for ourselves, or we try to do something for another person who is nearby. In the first case, we act selfishly. In the second ... as a rule, too. In order to verify this, it is enough to ask yourself a simple question: why do we do something for others? The reasons may be different: we are pleased that a person praises us, we owe him something, we need something from him, etc. And it so happens that we want the person to simply be pleased to smile. This, too, has its share of egoism, but it is just such a feeling that can be called true love. True love does not manifest itself in the fact that we are expecting or not expecting something in return, these are just romantic fantasies.

    In fact, everyone expects at least thanks, so we are arranged.The truth of love is manifested in the willingness to sacrifice something for the happiness of another, receiving in return at least a smile or just a “thank you”. And it can manifest itself in different ways. Someone helps an orphan, someone gives a computer to a beloved child, someone shoots flowers to a beloved woman. To commit such an unselfish act is what true love means. No matter what it will be, it is important that this motive comes from the heart, from the rush to do something for someone who is next to you. The first and only difference between true love and “ordinary love” is that the first is actually disinterested, undemanding, and the second is extremely selfish.

    Is there true love?

    Take a look around, look at nature. Birds feed their chicks, animals feed their young. Do they expect something from them in return? Nothing. But this is just an instinct. Man is given the happiness to consciously perform such actions. Yet I can not refrain from remembering one sage. He said that unselfishness is profitable. But why? Yes, if only because you can burn yourself ten times on this, but as a result you can acquire such a treasure in the form of love or friendship, which you could only dream of.

    In fact, selflessness is not so difficult to distinguish. The man is just doing something for you.A guy may shower you with flowers, give gifts, invite you to a cafe or restaurant, and not at all to drag you to bed. In this case, he needs much more, and for those who crave for purely carnal entertainment, they will have enough patience for a while. In the same way, a girl can give a young person different signs of attention for various reasons. The only way to check is to answer. Of course, we can be deceived, but whoever does not risk at least something, he absolutely will not receive anything from life. That is why you need to respond to such impulses and do not hesitate to express yourself in the same way. Only in this way can one recognize and comprehend that genuine happiness, called pure, unselfish love.

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