• What is unemployment benefits?

    Cash payments to citizens who are recognized as unemployed in the manner prescribed by law are called unemployment benefits. The decision to pay this benefit is made simultaneously with the recognition of a person as unemployed, and it should be charged from the first day of receiving the status of the unemployed. What unemployment benefit in Russia is established for its citizens? What is the procedure for its payment? What are the maximum periods for the payment of unemployment benefits? What documents do I need to submit to get unemployed status? About this you will learn from this article.

    What is the amount of unemployment benefits?

    Currently, the amount of the benefit has remained at the level set for January 1, 2009. Since then, it has never been indexed. The maximum value is 4900 rubles, and the minimum is 850 rubles.

    The basis for the calculation of unemployment benefits is the Law of the Russian Federation "On Employment" N 1032-1 of 19.04. 1991 (Article 33). Let us list which categories of citizens have the right to receive the minimum allowance:

    • previously not working anywhere (first time job seekers);
    • sent by the employment service for retraining and training, and expelled from there for offense;
    • Dismissed from organizations that had paid work for less than 26 weeks as of the date of dismissal;
    • dismissed for violation of labor discipline;
    • citizens who resumed work after a long break (more than a year).

    Those citizens who had paid work for more than 26 calendar weeks as of the date of dismissal are eligible for benefits that are larger than the minimum amount.

    Unemployment benefit payments

    A person who has received the status of unemployed, payments are made within 24 months according to the following scheme:

    1. For the first 3 months after recognizing a person as unemployed, a monthly allowance is paid equal to 75% of his average monthly earnings, or monetary allowance, accrued in the last 3 months at his last place of work or service.
    2. In the next 4 months, the amount of the benefit falls to the level of 60% of this earnings.
    3. 8-12 months. The average benefit level is set at 45% of earnings.
    4. What is the unemployment benefit in the last 12 months? It is issued in the minimum size, increased by the value of the regional coefficient.

    For all these cases there is a limit - the size of monthly payments should not exceed the maximum amount of unemployment benefits (4900 rubles), but should not be below the minimum limit (850 rubles), which can be increased by the size of the area coefficient. Documents required to obtain unemployed status:

    1. Passport or other identification document.
    2. Employment record or substitute document.
    3. Certificate of payroll at the last place of work. In order to calculate benefits, information is only needed for the last year. If the applicant of the status of unemployed has not worked anywhere in the past year, then this reference is not necessary.
    4. TIN of the applicant for the status of the unemployed.
    5. Education documents. Not only basic documents are important, but also other testimonies about previously acquired skills and specialties. If you received this document abroad, then besides the original, you must provide a translation certified by a notary.
    6. Insurance retirement certificate.

    Within 10 days after the documents are submitted in the employment center, the applicant will be offered one or several options for work.If none of them suits him, then the applicant must be assigned the status of unemployed with the calculation of benefits.

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