• What is useful honeycomb?

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    What is useful honeycomb?

    Ever since the days of ancient Egypt, honeycombs have been the subject of commerce, tribute or gift. Honeycombs are sold in small cuts, inside of which there is liquid honey. It is believed that the properties of honey in honeycombs is much more useful than the usual. From our article you will learn how useful honeycombs.

    Fresh honeycombs have a light color and consist only of wax. In turn, the wax contains in its composition fatty acids, carbohydrates, carotenoids, alcohols, propolis and vitamin A.

    Due to this set of useful substances, honeycombs have a healing effect.

    Useful properties of honeycombs and wax

    Many doctors recommend chewing honeycombs and wax for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

    • Treatment of respiratory diseases;
    • Preventing colds;
    • Prevention of oral diseases;
    • Skin renewal and wound healing;
    • Restoration of blood circulation;
    • Improving digestive processes;
    • Treatment of eye diseases;
    • Rejuvenation of skin cells;
    • The removal of toxic substances from the body.

    Useful properties of honey

    Honeycomb is a complex of vitamins and natural antibiotics necessary for maintaining health. Such honey is valued higher than usual, as it contains more healing substances, but the price of honey in honeycombs is higher.

    Properties of honey:

    • Strengthening the immune system;
    • The beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract;
    • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
    • Cancer Prevention;
    • The beneficial effect on the kidneys;
    • Normalization of thyroid function;
    • Stimulation of mental activity;
    • Recuperation.

    How is honey in comb

    Honeycombs with honey are eaten by chewing, while the honey is not separated from the wax, and the wax itself, after extracting the honey, is spat out.

    The remaining wax can be used for cosmetic purposes, for example, add to the cream or make a mask. It is also used to treat burns, acne and to heal wounds.

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